“ A successful coach understands you, adapts himself/herself to your personality and creates tools to help you reach your full potential." (Jennifer Migan)

During my tennis career, I often heard coaches saying to players (including myself): "if you want to succeed, there's only one way" or "I'm the coach, you have to do as I say if you want to be successful." I never believed in this "top-down" approach but believed instead that "successful coaches formula" is a mix of active listening and an ability to define challenging yet stimulating goals for his/her player.As a coach, my primary goal is to create an environment that will enable you to reach your full potential as a public speaker.

“You are a great speaker...you just don't know yet." (Jennifer Migan)

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Here are the three group workshops I am using to help professionals and companies become better communicators:

-"Speak Like No One is Watching: How To Get Confortable In Front Of An Audience";

-"Why Should They Choose You? Storytelling In The Corporate Place"; 

-"Charisma is Overrated: Public Speaking For Introverts"               

I can also draft a tailored workshop according to your company's specific needs.

Length of each workshop: 2 days.

If you're interested in individual coaching, don't hesitate to get in touch with me and you will get a 30-minute free assessment. After this introductory meeting and if we agree to work together, I will design a tailored-training that will answer your needs. 

The payment must be made after receiving an email from The Speech House including the offer and the confirmation of purchase. All payments must be made through the bank transfer service TransferWise. 

For further inquiry on costs and availability, please contact us here.