Do you remember how we used to play with anything as children? We would turn a random stick into a magic sword and a towel was transformed into a Superman/Wonderwoman's cape? But as we grow older, we tend to lose our gift for imagination and creativity and believe that fun and efficiency are not compatible in the corporate place. The Speech House's Creative Suite was created based on the belief that innovation, learning and growth are reached through experimenting and playing. One of the Speech House's goals is that you reconnect with your childhood's creativity so you can  enjoy yourself more on stage. 

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THE PLAYGROUND (For Children and Teenagers)

Fear of public speaking is often developed during our childhood. One of the reasons for that is that we are taught from a very young age to take ourselves too seriously. In The Speech House's Playroom, the goal is to enable young people to develop their speaking and leadership skills while enjoying themselves. In order to reach those goals, they can enroll in the following workshops:

The Young Speakers' Tent: an introduction to public speaking through improvisation and team-building games. Age group: 10-14 years old.

The Young Leaders' Stage: an initiation to debate techniques and argumentative speech and speechwriting through role-play,  impromptus speech and individual and/or group presentations. Age group: 14-17 years old.

The Pop Culture's Forum: this workshop is designed to develop the participants' critical and analytical thinking by commenting on entertainment, news music, cinema and other themes related to pop culture. Age group: 13-17 years old.

All workshops are suitable for classes, sport associations/ high performance training centers and small groups.

The payment must be made after receiving an email from The Speech House including the offer and the confirmation of purchase. All payments must be made through the bank transfer service TransferWise. 

For further inquiry on costs and availability, please contact us here.