How many times have you been bored to death listening (or in some cases giving) a business presentation? I know i have. But I have also noticed that in many cases, people have great content to share but don't know how to convey their message in an engaging way. When it comes to corporate presentations, many of us believe that in order to get validation from our boss and peers, we need to present facts in the dullest way possible. Wrong. 

In the Speech House's Lab, whether you speak in front of your colleagues or your entire industry, we will draft together a speech in which  your personality shines through while engaging your audience and presenting facts in a memorable way. 






The 'Lab' package includes:

-A preliminary questionnaire in order to identify your needs;                                             

-A 30-minute introductory meting (no obligation to purchase prior to the meeting);

-A one-hour meeting in which we define the elements and angles of your speech;

-One tailored speech and one rewrite free of charge if necessary;

-A two-hour training in which you get to practice the delivery of your speech and get direct feedback;  

Additional fees will occur in case of:  

-Additional rewrites;  

-Extensive research for the speech

-Additional training hours.                                                                                                                                                                                        

The payment must be made after receiving an email from The Speech House including the offer and the confirmation of purchase. All payments must be made through the bank transfer service TransferWise. 

For further inquiry on costs and availability, please contact us here.